Live Hard 10"

by Melissa & Paul

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Oh My 03:37
The sun’s gotta set to rise Gotta be dead just to be alive Gotta feel down just to feel the clouds Gotta be silent to hear when it’s loud Now in the midst of the night We all know there’s day on the other side Yeah, Oh my It’s gotta be raw first to be cooked Gotta be a story before it’s a book You gotta call to talk on the phone Gotta feel close just to feel alone Now in the midst of the night We all know there’s day on the other side Yeah, Oh my You gotta cry for your eyes to be dry Gotta be bored just to be surprised Humble yourself just to sacrifice Knowing something better will come more in time Now in the midst of the night We all know there’s day on the other side Yeah, Oh my
Now I’m Alive I choose sunshine All I gotta do is open up my blinds No more hiding No more covering my face Got all I need in my little tiny space The world is spinning In a blue ocean of love Notice the tiny grass on my feet To the huge clouds up above The clouds – I love how they dance And how they sing They can rain on me all day or give me just a drink Oo I stare a while Oo At the sunset Oo The colors are changing Oo All the time I bet Oo I feel alive Oo My heart is unlatched Oo Been locked too long Oo Been so unattached But I choose freedom Yeah cause I have the freedom to choose Thought something was wrong with my tracks Turns out I had on the wrong shoes
Ready to Die 01:19
One thing’s for sure That I’m not ready to die No, not yet No, not with all this life You see I can pretend But I can't lie And I’d lie if I said That I was ready to die To see them pearly gates Would scare me alive On that list ain’t my name No, I’m bound for the other side To see them golden floors Or mansions high Would scare my soul Cause I’m not ready to die
30 Days 04:28
When you walk down that path the clouds turn grey Yeah, they’ll rain on you most everyday When you see the ice caps smile wide When you see them you have 30 days to die When you find the apple in your eye You have to try hard not to lose what you find When the grass grows to your knees so deep You’ll step on things that you can’t see And we love what we can’t see When your eyes are open your mouth gets wide When they’re open you can fit a lot inside e’s day on the other side Yeah, Oh my
Lazy Man 03:59
Another day Another dollar Another reason To be bothered And the lazy man fails again Another riddle Another rhyme Another reason To trick the mind And the lazy man fails again Safe to say I don’t belong Safe to say I don’t belong here anymore In the distance Is my desolate deserted soul Filled with resistance All for just one nickel And the lazy man fails again Safe to say I don’t need you Safe to say I don’t need you anymore Another day Another dollar
You try hard Everyday You cry hard Everyday You live hard Everyday


Recorded in October 1st and 2nd at the Bedside Manor in Oak Ridge, NJ.
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
10" Record Available on Gruff Beard Records/Bedside Manner Collective.
100 Black
100 Opaque blue
100 White
100 Tapes


released April 13, 2012


all rights reserved



Melissa & Paul Oak Ridge, New Jersey

Garage/Punk/Blues duo from Northern NJ. Melissa sings and plays guitar and Paul plays drums.

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